About Us

About the B.UR.SLF team transman Elliott and Mom Gayle

The B.UR.SLF business started with transman Elliott and Mom Gayle discussing the  idea of creating a more comfortable chest binder for the transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming and cosplay communities. Our purpose is finding inspiration within our community to innovate – continually creating and providing chest binders to support our communities in living authetic lives.

Our first product, the B.UR.SLF breathable chest binder was designed to give you the compress you need with the comfort you crave.  So whether you are having a long day at work, chilling or playing outside on a hot day or wearing the B.UR.SLF chest binder under a million layers of cosplay you stay cool, safe, and comfortable while living your authetic life.  The B.UR.SLF chest binder comes in two skin tones, dark brown and tan and two patterns, SKULLS! and MOTHS!

Also check out our other products we offer a gothic cloak and a FAMally T-shirt for born and chosen family allies and a pan sexual T-shirt to remind us all to embrace ourselves and others.

We are Pro-Nouns and offer a collected of pro-noun stickers and embroidered patches.  We are also building a collection of state stickers in transgender and other queer colors.

Because if you don’t B.UR.SLF, who will?



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About Us

We combined expertise together to create our first product, the LIGHT & BREATHABLE binder. Elliott is a Trans Masculine person and cosplayer who’s been wearing binders for years.

With authentic experience, Elliott found opportunities to make a better binder, primarily making the binder BREATHABLE. Mom (Gayle to her friends), used 25+ years of product development experience in fabric care to help reduce the first prototype to practice.

Our Flagship Product

Our first product innovation is a LIGHTWEIGHT and BREATHABLE binder. The B.UR.SLF binder gives you the COMPRESSION you want with the COMFORT you crave during a full wearing day. Our binder is made with single layers front and back to make it LIGHT.

  • The front layer is SMOOTH & SOFT (to prevent chafing & irritation) – but STRONG (for good compression) made from ponte de roma double knit.
  • The back layer is POWER MESH a strongly compressive fabric with an open weave to give infinite breathability.
  • The almost transparent powermesh keeps you cool and reduces sweating.
  • Finally, we added a gripper tape at the bottom inside of the binder to prevent ride-up.
  • Our product can be hand washed or washed in the machine on delicate with cold water.  You can hang dry it or dry on low heat.
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Product Features

chest binder, binder, chest binding, tan binder, trans man, trans guy, trans boy,

Smooth & Soft

chest binder, binder, chest binding, tan binder, trans man, trans guy, trans boy,


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Stays Put