If you don't B⭐UR⭐SLF who will?

B⭐UR⭐SLF LLC started with the idea of creating a more comfortable binder for Trans Masculine /Nonbinary People and Costumers alike. Our purpose is to create more garments and products for authentic living We hope our first product the B⭐UR⭐SLF binder will help you experience more authentic living for longer periods in everyday wear or cosplaying your next convention. Because if you don’t B⭐UR⭐SLF who will?


About Us: We combined expertise together to create our first product, the LIGHT & BREATHABLE binder. Elliott is a Trans Masculine person and cosplayer who’s been wearing binders for years. With authentic experience, Elliott found opportunities to make a better binder, primarily making the binder BREATHABLE. Mom (Gayle to her friends) used +25 years of product development experience in fabric care to help reduce the first prototype to practice.

About our First Product: Our first product is a LIGHTWEIGHT and BREATHABLE binder. The B⭐UR⭐SLF binder is full of innovation to give you the COMPRESSION you want with the COMFORT you crave during a full wearing day. Our binder is made with single layers front and back to make it LIGHT. The front layer is SMOOTH & SOFT (to prevent chafing & irritation) - but STRONG (for good compression) made from ponte de roma double knit. The back layer is POWER MESH a strongly compressive fabric with an open weave to give infinite breathability. The almost transparent powermesh keeps you cool and reduces sweating. Finally we added a a gripper tape at the bottom inside of the binder to prevent ride-up.