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Upcoming Events for 2019

Elliott Wilkinson

Hi Everyone!  We have some exciting news to share about upcoming events to break up the long drag of winter.  Those of you who have seen our events page may know where we’re going next but if not, here’s what we’re booked for thus far!

In April we will be heading down to Washington DC for AwesomeCon 2019!  I’ve never attended this convention but I’ve always heard such amazing things about it.  In June we will be hanging in Sawyer Point as vendors for the Cincinnati Pride Festival. And in September we will also be in the vendor’s hall for the Cincinnati Comic Expo!  We look forward to getting to meet more of you the same way we got to at Con Alt Delete, and we’re also happy to say that we now have a changing tent for the booth so you’ll be able to try the binder on at all the events we attend!  

We can’t wait to see everyone and hope you’re all having an amazing 2019 so far!