Health Care Resources – California Part 1.

Health Care Resources – California Part 1.

Hi Everyone,

You know that we want you to be healthy and safe.  To help you with your health care journey we are creating a list, by state of health care organizations that serve the transgender, nonbinary, gender queer and non-comforming community.  While we are creating this site for you, we are also doing this weekly post on health care.  While it’s nice to have a list, in these posts we can also give  you a few details on what each of the organizations we post actually do.  We’ll just go through the states alphabetically, unless you send us a note and request a particular state and we’ll move requests to the top of the list.

California is one of those lucky states with lots of resources for Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming Care, so we are breaking this down into two posts.

Many resources are, to their credit,  creating  comfortable places for routine and proactive health maintenaince as well as interventionary health care.  We will try to highlight what is offered in each case.

If you still can’t find the health care you need, drop us a note on FB (B.UR.SLF LLC), instagram/ twitter @burslfllc or email and we will see what we can do to help.

This week we are listing resources for California Part 1.

California Part 1:

Gender Clinic for Transgender Patients, Contra Costa Health Services (Website –, FB -, IG –

Please note that this clinic has specific times and places to see gender non-conforming, non-binary and transgender clients ages 18 and older.  The times and places are :

Martinez Health Center, Every 3rd Thursday morning – 8 am to 12 pm
West County Health Center, Every 4th Thursday morning – 8 am to 12 pm
Pittsburg Health Center, Every 3rd Thursday morning- 8 am to 12 pm

These are not drop in clinics.  Appointments can be made by referral or call 800-495-8885.

Culturally competent medical care, medicine, hormone management, surgical referrals, and other transition-related care.  Providers are trained in transition-related medicine.

Payment options are not stated.

Richmond-Antioch Areas, between San Francisco and Sacramento

Adults 18+

Kaiser Permanente, Multi-Specialty Transitions Dept. (Website –, FB -, IG – @kpthrive)

Culturally competent care to Transgender adults, youth, children and their families.  Kaiser Permanente has both adult and pediatric gender specialist teams.  Teams include specialists in surgery, gynecology, nursing and also mental health and social workers.  Teams work together to provide these gender-affirming health care services.

Payment options are not stated

The Multi-Specialty Transitions Dept. is located in Oakland and there are a variety of locations for Kaiser Permanente across the East Bay Area.

Adults, youth and children are served along with their families.

The Center for Trans Youth Health and Development (CTYHD) at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles (Website–, FB – Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, IG – @ChildrensLA)

Gender-affirming health care for transgender and gender diverse children, youth, adults are served along with their families. Sevices include s exual health education including groups, one-on-one navigation services and HIV/STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) screening and treatment.  Access to PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) and PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) for HIV prevention.

No payment options are stated.

Los Angeles

This program is for children, youth, and adults along with their families.

UCL Gender Health Program (Website –, FB –, IG – @uclahealth)

The multi-disciplanary team of physicians and care providers appears to do just about everything.  Primary health care, hormone therapy, facial resconstruction and body modification including chest/top surgery and genital reconstruction & bottom surgery, reproductive health, gynecological services and fertility services, vocal surgery, behavioral health services, case management, referrals to specialty physicians.

Payment options are not stated.

Los Angeles

The program serves children, adolescents and adults who are trangender or gender diverse.

Los Angeles LGBT Center, Transgender Health Program (Website –, FB – , IG – LAlgbtcenter)

Full range of primary care services, hormon therapy, pre- and post-surgical care.  Sexual health and prevention services

Medi-Cal, Medicare, most major insurance plans, and some HMOs are accepted. If uninsured, they will help you get insurance through Covered California or determine your eligibility for medical and drug assistance programs.

Los Angeles

Ages served not stated

Trans Health Services, Planned Parenthood (Website –, FB –, IG – @PPNorCal)

Hormone therapy for transitions.  All kinds of sexual health, reproductive education and prevention services.

Payment options not stated.

Various areas in Northern California

Ages served not stated