Health Care Resources Florida and Georgia

Health Care Resources Florida and Georgia

Health Care Resources Florida and Georgia

Hi Everyone,

You know that we want you to be healthy and safe.  To help you with your health care journey we are creating a list, by state of health care organizations that serve the transgender, nonbinary, gender queer and non-comforming community.  While we are creating this site for you, we are also doing this weekly post on health care.  While it’s nice to have a list, in these posts we can also give  you a few details on what each of the organizations we post actually do.  We’ll just go through the states alphabetically, unless you send us a note and request a particular state and we’ll move requests to the top of the list.

This week we are covering Florida and Georgia resources for Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming Care.

Many resources are, to their credit,  creating  comfortable places for routine and proactive health maintenaince as well as interventionary health care.  We will try to highlight what is offered in each case.

If you still can’t find the health care you need, drop us a note on FB (B.UR.SLF LLC), instagram/ twitter @burslfllc or email and we will see what we can do to help.

This week we are listing resources for Florida and Georgia.


Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida (WebsiteGender Affirming Hormone Therapy, FBPlanned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, IG – @PlannedParenthood)

Planned Parenthood offers hormone therapy for 18+.  If you are 17, you must be accompanied by a parent.  If you are 16 additional paperwork is required.

No obvious payment options

Planned parenthood clinics are located in multiple ssites around Southwest and Central Florida check the link for sites Locations

The service is intended for adults 18+, if you are 17 you need to be accompanied by a parent and 16 year olds need a parent and additional paperwork.  

Sunserve (WebsiteTransgender Service, FB – SunServe, IG – @SunServe)

Sunserve offers hormone therapy, HIV, AIDs and PrEP resources, mental health services, support groups, and recovery/ rehabilitation.  Benefits like food stamps are available.

No obvious payment options

There are services for youth, parents & families and adults.  

CareResource (WebstieTransgender Services, FBCareResource, IG – @CareResource)

The Care Resource offers hormone therapy, primary care,  and mental health services.  HIV/ STi testing is also available.

No obvious payment options

Locations in Miami Dade, Miami Beach and Broward.

No age limitations given for those served but appears to be aime at adults.  



Intown Primary Care (WebsiteLGBT Health Care and Transgender Care, FBIntown Primary Care, IG – @Intown Primary Care).

Intown Primary Care provide hormone therapy, physical exams, psychiatric care and HIV/STD care.

No obvious payment methods

Intown Primary Care is located in the Morningside/Midtown (Cheshire Bridge area)

Ages of clients accepted is not stated, but appears to be for adults.

QueerMed (QMed) (WebsiteQueerMed, FBQueer Med Pride, IG – @queermedpride)

QMed offers hormone therapy.

Periodic pop-ups in Athens, check the website for dates.  Although they have a location in Decature, the due to proposed anti-transgender legislation, this address is removed to protect patients.  Contact QMed at   |  Tel: 404-445-0350  |  Fax: 877-480-9635

No obvious payment options.

Periodic pop-ups in Athens.

Ages of clients accepted is not stated, but appears to be for adults.

T.Douglas Gurley MD (WebsiteTransgender HealthCare, FBT. Douglas Gurley, IG – @tdouglasgurley)

The practice advertises itself as “trans-friendly” and employs Gay doctors.  Testosterone replacement therapy for men is listed, but hormone therapy in general is not listed.  HIV treatment and prevention are available as are aesthetic services like hair removal.

Recommend contacting the organization for specific on services available.

No obvious payment options.

T. Douglas Gurley MD is located in Atlanta

Ages of clients accepted is not stated, but appears to be for adults.