Healthcare Resources and HRT for the Transgender Community in Montana

Health Care Resources in Montana

Healthcare Resources and HRT for the Transgender Community in Montana

Hi Everyone,

You know that we want you to be healthy and safe.  To help you with your health care journey we are creating a list, by state of health care organizations that serve the transgender, nonbinary, gender queer and non-conforming community.  While we are creating this site for you, we are also doing this weekly post on health care.  While it’s nice to have a list, in these posts we can also give  you a few details on what each of the organizations we post actually do.  We’ll just go through the states alphabetically, unless you send us a note and request a particular state and we’ll move requests to the top of the list.

Today we are covering Montana.   

Many resources are, to their credit,  creating  comfortable places for routine and proactive health maintenance as well as interventionary health care.  We will try to highlight what is offered in each case.

If you still can’t find the health care you need, drop us a note on FB (B.UR.SLF LLC), instagram/ twitter @burslfllc or email and we will see what we can do to help.

This week we are listing resources for Montana.



BridgeCare (WebsiteBridgeCare LGBTQ Resources, FBBridgecare IG@bridgecare)

Bridgecare provides hormone therapy and sexual health service including testing for HIV/STD

Payment Options:  Bridgecare accepts insurance and medicare, and has financial aid for those who need it like a sliding payment scale is available.  Bridgecare serves the uninsured.  Check the line visit and payment information for more information.

Bridgcare is in Bozeman

Bridgecare has some services for teens, check with the website and provider for age limits on service.


New Gender Clinic for Kid & Adolescents , Community Children’s (Website – Gender Care  FB – none found, IG – none found)

The New Gender Care operates in collaboration with Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic and offers puberty blockers and hormone therapy.

Payment Options: Insurance is accepted and there is a financial aid program click the link about your bill for more information. 

The New Gender Clinic for Kids& Adolescents is in the  Community Medical Center in Missoula and telemedicine is offered through Seattle Children’s.

This program is for children and adolescents.    


Blue Mountain Clinic (WebsiteTransgender and Nonbinary Health Care, FB – Blue Mountain Clinic , IG – none found)

Blue Mountain Clinic offers care for nonbinary and gender-affirming care including puberty blockers, hormone therapy, primary care,sexual and reproductive health such as STI/HIV testing and treatment, birth control and referrals for gender affirming sugeries.  The clinic tells patients to expect a compassionate, kind and judgement free staff.

Payment Options: TheBlue Mountain Clinic accepts insurance and medicaid, click the link Insurance/Billing for more information

The clinic is in Missoula

The clinic doesn’t specify ages served, but based on services offered it is assumed the clinic serves children, adolescents, and adults.  Call ahead to confiirm age limitations for different services.  


Bozeman Creek Family Health (WebsiteTransgender Health, FBBozeman Creek Family Health , IG@bozemancreekfamilyhealth)

Bozeman Creek Family Health is a primary care facility.  They indicate they provide for Transgender Health on the website, but don’t give details.  They also list as LGBTQ friendly.  Contact provider to determine what additional services or referrals they may provide to transgender clients beyond primary care.

Payment Options:  Bozeman Creek Family Health accepts many insurance plans.  There is no obvious forms of financial assistance, but the organization invites a discusion of the patients financial situation so arrangements can be made. clickthe link health plans for more information.

Transgender Health at Bozeman Creek Family Health is in Bozeman.

Call the provider to learn age limitations on differnt services.


True U Clinic (WebsiteGender Affirming Health Care, FBTrue U Clinic ,

True U Clinic is an online/telemedicine transgender and nonbinary informed consent clinic that offers hormone therapy, PrEP and genderal health consultation to transgender and nonbinary clients in Montana and other states (including Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho Oregon and New Mexico).  Appointments are done virtually and blood work is done at a local laboratory.  Once True U prescribes hormones these can be sent directly from the pharmacy to your home address.

Payment Options:  True U Clinic posted the following about payments “Due to difficulties associated with reimbursement of telemedicine services between states and varying insurance companies, we are only accepting self pay patients at this time. Our mission is to bring care to those in need of gender affirming medicine thus we strive to keep our services affordable”.  Pricing of services can be found at the link how it works and pricing.  

True U Clinc appears to be able to serve anywhere in Montana as well as Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho Oregon and New Mexico via telemedicne.

No age limit for services is stated, contact the clinic for age limits.


QueerDoc (serving Montana during the Covid19 outbreak) (WebsiteQueerDoc, FBQueerDoc, IG@queerdoc)

QueerDoc offers queer and gender diverse affirming medical care online.  QueerDoc offers hormone therapy, puberty blockers, PrEP, STI screening, contraception, medical and surgical referals and gender marker change consultation. – ALL ONLINE via TELEHEALTH.  Set up a free 15 minute consultation by pushing the Request Appointment button.

Payment Options:  Check with provider for payment options

Since QueerDoc is a telehealth service, QueerDoc serves ALL of Montana.

Services from QueerDoc are open to patients of all ages.


Planned Parenthood of Montana  has (5) Health Centers that are part of (1) organization Planned Parenthood Montana, Inc., (PPMT)(WebsitePPMT, FBPlanned Parenthood of Montana, IG@ppmontana)

There are (3) PPMT Health Centers that state on their websites that they provide HRT.   Billings (West), Billings (Heights) and  Helena.  There are (2) other PPMT Health Center in Great Falls and Missoula.  PPMT asks that nonbinary and transgender patients call  Transgender Health Care Services: For appointment please call 406-656-9980. Offering medical & hormonal management, lab work, pre & post surgical services.  PPMT also offers telehealth.

Other available services include birth control, sexualt health and prevention, testing and treatment for HIV/STI’s.   For these services be sure to search for LGBTQ Services at the Planned Parenthood website for the Planned Parenthood location nearest to you.

Payment Options:  Many PP Health Centers accept insurance and offer financial help, check on the websites and with the center for details.

There are (5) Health Centers in Montana with (3) offering HRT Billings (West), Billings (Heights) and  Helena as well as (2) in Great Falls and Missoula and they also offer telehealth.

The service is intended for adults 18+, but some PP Health Centers offer service to patients 16 to 17  andyou may be able to get HRT with parental consent and additional paperwork, check with the Health Center.


VA Health Care for LGBTQ Veterans in Montana has (1) organization (Website – Montana VA Health Care System, FB – U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs, IG@VeteranAffairs)

According to the U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Patient Care Services for LGBT veterans  includes the following (and other) services – hormone treatment, treatment and prevention of STIs/PrEP, cancer screening, prevention and treatment.  If there are questions reach out to the LGBT Veteran Care Coordinator (VCC) at the site.

Payment Options: VA Health Care is offered free of charge to veterans.   Veterans may have some copays.

Montana VA Health Care System has (1) medical center in Fort Harrison, (1) community living center in Miles City and (15) associated clinics with in Anaconda, Billigs(2), Bozeman, Cut Bank, Missoula, Glasgow, Great Falls, Glenndive, Hamilton, Helena, Kelispell, Lewistown, Plentywood and Havre.

LGBT Veteran Care is for U.S. veterans.


About the author, Gayle M. Frankenbach, Ph.D. is the mother of a Daughter, Lise and a transgender son Elliott.  Elliott and Gayle both passionately desire to care about and care for the trans community.  Elliott and Gayle also both love the unbound creativity of the cosplay community.  When we realized there is a big overlap between the two communities B.UR.SLF, LLC was born at the interface of these two great communities to serve them individually and together.  Elliott and Gayle also enjoy running a trans son & parent business to be visible for parents on a journey to visibly support their own trans kids and be a great allies.