Health Care Resources in North Carolina and North Dakota

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Health Care Resources in North Carolina and North Dakota

Hi Everyone,

You know that we want you to be healthy and safe.  To help you with your health care journey we are creating a list, by state of health care organizations that serve the transgender, nonbinary, gender queer and non-conforming community.  While we are creating this site for you, we are also doing this weekly post on health care.  While it’s nice to have a list, in these posts we can also give  you a few details on what each of the organizations we post actually do.  We’ll just go through the states alphabetically, unless you send us a note and request a particular state and we’ll move requests to the top of the list.

This week we are covering the states of North Carolina and North Dakota.  Many resources are, to their credit,  creating  comfortable places for routine and proactive health maintenance as well as interventionary health care.  We will try to highlight what is offered in each case.

If you still can’t find the health care you need, drop us a note on FB (B.UR.SLF LLC), instagram/ twitter @burslfllc or email burslfllc@gmail.com and we will see what we can do to help.

This week we covering resources in North Carolina and North Dakota.

North Carolina

UNC Health Care Children’s  (WebsitePediatric and Adolescent Clinic for Gender Wellness, FBUNC Children’s – North Carolina Children’s Hospital IG – @ncchildrenshospital)

At the Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic for Gender Wellness a multidisciplinary team of pediatric endocrinologists, psychologists and social workers collaborate to offer puberty suppression and hormone therapy.

Payment options are not obvious.

The Clinics for Gender Wellnes are locatedin Chapel Hill and Raleigh click locations for details.

The Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic for Gender Wellness serves children and adolescents.  

UNC School of Medicine, Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC) (Website – Gender Affirming Care Clinic, FBStudent Health Action Coalition (SHAC), IG – @UNCshac)

Gender Affirming Care Clinic offers prescriptions for hormones, primary care, letters of support for surgery and referrals for other services in SHAC and the community.  The Gender Affirming Clinic aims to provide a safe space for trans/ non-binary students to get healthcare.

Visits to SHAC are free.  SHAC is working to provide hormones free of charge in the future, but these are not currently free.

SHAC is located in Carrboro.

The Gender Affirming Care Clinic at SHAC is for transgender/ non-binary UNC students.  Hormone presciptions can be given to students who are 18+, but referrals can be given to younger students.         

Duke Health (Websites – Duke Child and Adolescent Gender Care, FB –  Duke Health, IG – @dukemedicine)

Duke Child and Adolescent Gender Care has the following statement about services on their website “We provide treatment, support, education and counseling to transgender youth who are exploring their gender identity and gender expression, as well as their families.”.  This clinic does not give specifics about services, but it does have both an endocrinologist and a urologist as part of the clinic so they may provide hormone therapy.

This hospital-based clinic is part of the Duke Health Hospital system and so some insurance companies may bill services as co-insurance with a deductible rather than as a copay typical for an office visit.  Check with your insurance for expected costs.  No obvious payment services besides insurance.

Duke Child and Adolescent Gender Care is for children and adolescents.      

Planned Parenthood of the South Atlantic (WebsiteTransgender Raleigh, FBPlanned Parenthood, IG – @PlannedParenthood)

The  Transgender Raleigh PP site will start or continue hormone therapy.  Transgender Raleigh also offers routine physical exams and sexual and reproductive health services like birth control and testing for STDs.

Payment options are not obvious

Transgender Raleigh is in Raleigh

Age limitations on services are not obvious, check with Transgender Raleigh for age limitations.

Mosaic Comprehensive Care (Websites – Transgender Care, FBMosaic Comprehensive Care, IG – @mosaiccomprehensivecare)

Transgender Care offers hormone therapy, primary and preventative care, STI screening and treatment and gynecologic and contraceptive care including chest/ breast health care, and IUD insertion and removal.

Mosaic accepts limited insurance, check the link Insurance Providers Accepted and there are no other obvious payment options.

Transgender Care at Mosaic Comprehensive Care is in Chapel Hill.

A broach spectrum of services are open to patients of all ages and genders, but age limits on particular services are not clear so check with the provider.

The Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group (WebsiteCharlotte Trans Health, FBThe Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group, IG– @cthcg)

An interdisciplinary group of licensed healthcare providers that provide a range of general and transition related medical and wellness services to transgender/ non-binary children, adolescents and adults.

Specific services, age limits, locations and payment options are not obvious.  Start with the website above to get connected to the network of healthcare providers.

UNC Department of Obstetric and Gynecology (WebsiteTransgender Health, FBUNC Obstetrics and Gynecology , IG – @UNCOBGYN)

Transgender health offers hormone therapy and is a point contract for referrals for surgery and other procedures.

Payment options are not obvious.

Transgender Health at UNC Dept. of OB-Gyn is in Chapel Hill.

Age limitations are not obvious, but appear to be for adults, check with the provider for age limits. 

Western North Carolina Community Health Service  (WebsiteTrans Health, FBWestern North Carolina Community Health Services , IG – @wncchs)

Trans Health includes – hormone therapy, primary care, and referrals to gender confirmation surgery.

Trans Health at WNCCHS has sliding scale payments for the uninsured .

Trans Health is located in Asheville.

Hormone therapy is for 18+, there is a monthly teen clinci where teens presumably get access to other services. 

North Dakota

Harbor Health Clinic  (WebsiteGender Affirming Hormone Therapy, FBHarbor Health Clinic IG – @HarborHealthClinic)

Harbor Health Clinic offers the following services hormone therapy, HIV/STI/HepC screenings. PrEP, annual exams including – PAP smear, breast exam, blood labs, and screening for depression/anxiety.

Payment options are not obvious, but the mission of the Clinic is to serve transgender individuals with low income.

The Harbor Health Clinic is located in Fargo.

Age limits for services are not stated, but appear to be for adults, check with the clinic for age limits.  

Affiliated Reproductive Health Clinics (ARHC) (Wesbsite – Transgender Health Care North Dakota  FB ARHC Nebraska,  IG – @arhcnebraska)

ARHC LGBTQ+ Clinic offers hormone therapy and puberty blockersPhysical exams, HIV/STD testing,l treatment and prevention, birth control, and referrals for laser hair removal and voice therapy are available.

Payment options beyond insurance are not obvious

Gender Services at ARHC LGBTQ+ Clinic are located in Bellevue NE, but open to serving North Dakota

No Age limitations are stated, but since puberty blockers are offered, the clinic may serve adolescents as well as adults.  Call to confirm.

Planned Parenthood of North Central States (Wesbsite – Transgender Hormone Therapy  FB Planned Parenthood North Central States,  IG – @ppnorthcentralstates

ARHC LGBTQ+ Clinic offers hormone therapy and a variety of services related to sexual health including physical exams, and sexual health HIV/STD/STI testing, treatment and prevention (PrEP, PEP), birth control, PAP test, breast/chest exams, testing and treatment for UTI’s, vaginal infections, bladder infections, and vaccinations for HPV and Hep B.

Payment options beyond insurance are not obvious.

There is no Planned Parenthood clinic in North Dakota at this time.  There is a PP clinic serving Fargo in Morehead, MN and there are other Planned Parenthood clinics in north central state at these locations in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Planned Parenthood can provide service to 18+ if you visit a health center in Iowa, Minnesota, or South Dakota and 19+ if you visit a health center in Nebraska.