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  • Hello Everyone! We hope you’re enjoying your spring, so long as your’s came on time. We have our final schedule for 2019 in the books as well as some updates to share! First off, we got a make over! I

  • Hi Everyone! We have some exciting news to share about upcoming events to break up the long drag of winter. Those of you who have seen our events page may know where we’re going next but if not, here’

  • When I first came up with the binder idea it was in fact because I was thinking about cosplay first and foremost. At the time there was an anime/manga everyone was cosplaying that involved a backless

  • This past September I was lucky to be able to share the experience of traveling down to New Orleans with my mom for a Being Boss seminar. Being Boss, for those who don’t know, is a podcast my mom list

  • When the idea of B.UR.SLF first came to mind I was slowly clawing my way out of the worst depressive episode of my life. I was isolating myself, I had no job to take up my time, I had lost all motivat