Prepping for Swim Season with the B.UR.SLF Breathable Binders

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Prepping for Swim Season with the B.UR.SLF Breathable Binders

If you’ve been in one of the big box stores lately that sells clothing items you’ve probably noticed the latest pop up sections: swimsuits.  Despite the cold weather that continues outside for most of us in the states, the slushy roads and the freezing winds, stores are getting their head starts for the summer months and getting their swimwear out early.  So now seems like the perfect time for a refresher: 


Did you know you can swim in our binders?  


That’s right!  It’s something people don’t often think about, but you can in fact swim in the binders that we sell.  The same fabrics we use that allow all that sweat to get away from your body during the hotter months also allows for them to be quicker to dry when you’re constantly getting in and out of the water.  And the way we’ve positioned our fabrics to be flexible along the line of your spine gives you more ability to freely move your arms in all types of directions needed to paddle.  And our 3 row clip system means you won’t have to fight for your life trying to get a wet binder up over your shoulders, because one unhooked you’ll have full use of your arms.  Plus, our print front binders allow you to do all this in style!  So when shopping for a bathing suit for the summer, why not start considering one that can give you the function you may want in everyday life as well?  


Of course with hot weather you always have to consider the extra safety precautions.  Stocking up on anti chafing agents before the heat hits will be instrumental in keeping your skin irritation down in the summer.  Keeping a closer eye on feeling light headed once the hot weather starts to creep up.  We pride our powermesh backing on helping keep you cool during the hotter months, but your body may tell you a different story if you stay out in the sun too long.  And speaking of our power mesh back, don’t forget to slather your whole back in sunscreen!  Because of the material, the sun will be getting through to your back in a way it may not with other binders, which means you might be heading to lobster down if you don’t think to get some protection on it before you hit the pool or beach.  Taking more frequent breaks for yourself will also be important.  Hotter weather wears us out, so we need to make sure we’re getting plenty of hydration and taking our rest days to make sure we don’t wear our bodies out sooner.  And, of course, remember to wash the binder you swim in before you use it again.  

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