The Importance of Binder Care

The Importance of Binder Care

The Importance of Binder Care


It’s time to talk about two words that we all dread: laundry day. If you have a washer and dryer hookup at your place, it’s not too bad, but still a tedious step away from your day nonetheless. You can only listen to so many podcasts while folding and making sure your socks match. If you need to hit up a laundromat, it’s even more of a pain. You gather up all your things, hop in the car or call an uber…maybe you’ll try to get some work done, but you forgot to charge your laptop, and your phone’s at 6%. There are a lot of legitimate reasons to not want to go the extra mile, but you have to admit that there’s nothing quite like a crisp pair of jeans, and a freshly washed binder to go with it. 


We’re going to quickly talk about the best practices in washing your B.UR.SLF breathable binder, and show you that laundry day isn’t so bad after all. While you can easily just toss your binder in the machine with the rest of your clothes (you don’t even need a garment bag!), you’ll be pleased to know that you can quickly and safely wash your binder by hand. So if you need to travel far and wide to get a full load washed and dried, you can just as well use your kitchen sink or even your bathtub if you’re in a pinch. 


Machine Washing your B.UR.SLF Breathable Binder


So let’s start with the obvious. You’re going to need access to a washing machine. The great thing about our breathable binder is that you don’t need a garment bag, or to even separate it from the rest of your laundry. Just clip it up along the sides, pop it in with your preferred pod or liquid detergent, select a delicate cycle, throw on an episode of The Office, and wait for the beep! It’s as simple as that. While the preferred method is to hand dry your binder (see hand washing section), you can also tumble dry it on a low heat or air dry setting. Now you’re ready to go with the comfort of a fresh binder! 


How to hand wash your binder


Let’s face it, if you’re a city dweller without an in-unit washer/dryer setup, or simply between laundry loads, you can always take your binder on a solo mission to the sink (or any tub of water, really), and it’s easier than you think! The first thing to do is to fill your sink with water and a healthy measurement of your preferred detergent. Next is the easy part: let it soak for a bit! Let the soap water do the work for you while it soaks its way through any dirt. For those spots that are stubborn, just rub the binder against itself, and the fiction will work it out. 


To hand dry your binder, simply roll it up in a towel (we like to call it a towel burrito), and pat out any excess moisture. At this point, you’re now able to hang your binder up to air dry. 


Why you should regularly wash your binder 


One of the inconvenient realities is that all garments collect dirt, and dirt can carry bacteria. This bacteria can get on your skin, and clog your pores. Having skin that breaks out can cause a tremendous amount of discomfort, especially if you’re wearing tighter fitting garments such as a binder. 


The article “Parts of the Body: Where, Why, and How?” goes into detail about how friction, sweat and your skin’s natural oils can result in inflammation and the resulting discomfort of acne. While our moisture wicking technology is a superior line of defense, proper maintenance and cleanliness will optimize your binder comfort. 


According to the article “Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Clothes,” unwashed clothes can contain oils and dander which can cause itchy skin when friction is thrown into the equation. While a laundry run may seem like a pain sometimes, think about how much better you’ll feel if your gear is fresh!


It is also worth mentioning that it’s never a bad idea to wash any new clothes upon purchasing. In the article “Why You Should Always Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them,” you will be educated on the matter of disperse dye, which is a common substance used in synthetic materials (think workout clothes). Washing your new clothes after the point of purchase will help reduce your chances of skin irritation, and let you take your strides in comfort.


While we boast a wicking technology to help reduce the amount of moisture in our breathable binder, we still consider the best practice to be regular washing and maintenance for the sake of your comfort, and the full enjoyment of our products. We are living, sweating, and moving every day, so let’s do it in comfort together. Laundry day just got a lot easier!



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