Measure Yourself for the B.UR.SLF Breathable Binder

Measure Yourself for the Correct B.UR.SLF Chest Binder Size

Use our guide to measure yourself with our 3 POINT MEASURING SYSTEM to order the correct sized chest binder. Use a tape measure make sure there is no slack in the tape measure when you read your numbers. If possible have someone help you with the measurements. If someone helps you with the measurements it’s preferred to raise your arms while being measured.

Take the following measurements. The picture below can help guide you. (A) measure right above the breast area, the measuring tape will touch under your arms. (B) Measure across the breast area. (C) Measure just below the chest area. Use the table below to choose the size chest binder that most closely matches you measurements. T-shirts are unisex sizes.

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We are happy to schedule a Skype or video call to walk you through your measurements.

Measure Yourself