B.UR.SLF has our First Retail Partner and they are in Philadelphia!

Are you close to the Philadelphia metro area, but you missed our pop-up when we were at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference?  Well we have good news for you.  Our first retail partner, Passional Boutique included our product in their Pride & Gender Expression section.  Passional –  long established purveyor in corsets & fashion was an early pioneer in body positive clothing as well as advocate & supporter of the LGBTQ community with a rich history of creating safe spaces & safe practices.  Passional is the first floor of the building and it is open to all ages.  Now you can try on the B.UR.SLF binder in Philadelphia at Passional Boutique and then purchase the binder at Passional Boutique, on their website at Passional Boutique or on our website B.UR.SLF confident that you have found the right fit.  We thank this philadelphia institution for providing another opportunity for the binder wearing community to get the compression they want in a comfortable, breathable binder.