B.UR.SLF is Attending CollectiveCon 2022!

B.UR.SLF is Attending CollectiveCon 2022!

Hi everyone!  


Today we’re hitting you with a slightly different post from our usual content.  I’m here to announce our first in person event of 2022!


In just 2 weeks time from today we will be attending Collective Con for the first time ever down in Jacksonville, Florida!  In person events hold such a special place for us because they’re a time to get one on one interaction with our community, and give you the chance to be able to touch and try on our binders before you buy!  Plus, we’ll be able to walk you through our measurement system step by step to get the most accurate fit.  


This will be our first time traveling this far out of state to attend a con, and as such we won’t be able to do our usual drives that we got to do for our midwest and east coast shows.  That means we’ll be running on limited inventory for our binders, but we’ll still be working to pack as many goodies into our luggage as we can get to you guys!  


We’ll be packing stock of both our original skin tone binders, both our SKULLS and MOTHS print front binders, limited stock of our panpool shirts, and our newest Pro Noun Patches & Stickers.  We even have a mystery sticker making its debut for the first time at our booth for Collective Con! 


We couldn’t be more excited to have our first event of the year be hosted in a state we haven’t gotten the chance to travel to yet with our company, and we look forward to seeing everyone there!  Feel free to stop by, sample our wares, or even just say hello and have a chat!  We can’t wait!



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