Guest Spotlight: kyky.cosplay

Guest Spotlight: kyky.cosplay

Guest Spotlight: kyky.cosplay

Good morning everyone!  Today we’d like to present another guest post, this time from Kyler of kyky.cosplay!  Kyler is one of the trans cosplayers we’ve reached out to previously to review a binder, and was kind enough to agree to do a quick write up on one of his more recent looks.  Enjoy!

Hi! The names Kyler, and I’m a cosplayer!!! I first got into cosplay about maybe 2010, wasn’t all too serious about. But got into it seriously maybe about three or four years ago and I’m never looking back!

The one I’m about to show you is one my favourites! It was something last minute I pulled together and ended up being a hit!

  Everything you see here are things I have already owned, or was given to me.

  The jacket I got from hot topic and wore a few times. Before it just sat in my closet collecting dust, the black shirt is something I bought for another cosplay, it was a genderbend Stocking. The boots are from a vocaloid cosplay, VY2 Yuma. Jeans are also from hot topic and used them for a genderbend amethyst cosplay. And the red vest, hammer, and top hat are all from Spirit Halloween.

  I’m new to face painting so it took me a bit of practice to get this look exactly how I want it. I took some inspiration from a favorite instagramer I follow. And a creepypasta monster known as Jason the Toy Maker. Mashed them all up into one and became a the demonic ringmaster you see before you!

You can find Kyler on Instagram @ kyky.cosplay!  Make sure to give him a follow to see more of his incredible work, and thank you again Kyler for the wonderful post!