Happy Anniversary, From B.UR.SLF


Happy Anniversary, From B.UR.SLF

In a lot of ways, 5 years doesn’t seem as if it’s a lot of time. As you get older, time tends to fly by, and in a lot of ways the days start to blend together. But that’s not the way we like to think at B.UR.SLF! Our cup is half full, and better yet, it’s not just water in the cup, but our favorite beverage. 


Think about it! In 5 years, you could earn a degree. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Get a new car, but decide you prefer riding your bicycle. Your favorite everyday food becomes a once in a while treat. Maybe your hair goes from blonde, to pink, to green, and back to blonde again. You started playing guitar, but you learn that the pulse of the bass is what keeps you moving. What we’re saying is that even though it’s easy to stand too close to the picture and lose perspective, we’re constantly changing and reinventing ourselves in big and small ways that are worth celebrating. But no matter how much you change throughout life, the core of who you are remains the same. You just moved forward and held onto all the good parts!


B.UR.SLF is in a constant state of reinvention while remaining true to our original form. Isn’t growth a wonderful thing? That’s what this is all about, isn’t it? While we’re staying true to our mission of inclusion, community, and innovation, it’s time for us to flourish and continue to become ourselves in the best way we can. Our new pronoun line reflects the visibility that we believe will inspire positive change in the world for the transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and cosplay communities. Whether you want to patch up your bag with your pronouns, or spruce up your bumper we’ve got you covered! 


Another way to show visibility is in our new and growing line of T-Shirts, like our popular famALLY print. Sometimes a little solidarity goes a long way, and that’s our goal at B.UR.SLF. We’re learning and growing just like you are, and it’s the shared experiences that make the journey all the sweeter. 


And let’s not forget about our flagship product, the B.UR.SLF Breathable Chest Binder. In the name of inclusion, we offer our chest binders in sizes 2XS to 3XL, and in two different skin tones: tan and dark brown. If you’re feeling a little funky, we also offer gothic prints including SKULLS! and MOTHS! 


Whether you’re just now hearing about B.UR.SLF., or have been with us since our inception 5 years ago, we wanted to extend our gratitude to you for being there. We see you, and we hear you, and we want to celebrate with you. From January 15th-21st, we will be having a weeklong sale. If you’re curious to see what we’re all about, or if you’ve just been waiting for a sale to re-up your gear, now’s the time to check us out. Visibility is our goal, and 2022 is already looking so bright!