HRT and Help for Transgender Patients from Planned Parenthood in Kansas, Louisiana, Maine and Maryland

HRT and Help for Transgender Patients from Planned Parenthood in Kansas, Louisiana, Maine and Maryland

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Did you know that 18+ patients can receive Hormone Replacement Therapy at many Planned Parenthood Health Centers around the country? Check this list for the Planned Parenthood Health Centers around the country that offer Trans Health Care.  Planned Parenthood also has some great educational programs related to gender identities, check the previous link or your local Planned Parenthood Health Center.

Even more importantly, did you know that Planned Parenthood offers many services, even HRT via telehealth?  This means that if you are not physically close to a Planned Parenthood Health Center that offers Hormone Replacement Therapy, if that Planned Parenthood in your state has a Telehealth program, you don’t have to travel to a physical site to get HRT.  If the center provides HRT via telehealth, typically a presciption for your hormones can be sent to you and fullfilled at a nearby pharmacy.

Planned Parenthood Health Centers are also great places to get to know because they provide many other important services.  These services include sexual and reproductive health, screenings and treatments for HIV and STD’s, men’s and women’s health care, primary and preventative health care and often also many routine medical screenings for a variety of conditions.  Planned Parenthood Health Centers accept many insurance programs as well as medicare, medicaid, and some can also help you identify an affordable insurance program or help you understand if you qualify for programs to help pay for medical care.

In these posts about Planned Parenthood, we’ll let you know which states have a Planned Parenthood Health Cener that offers HRT and whether they also offer that service by Telehealth

Kansas  Planned Parenthood Health Centers are part of the Planned Parenthood of the Great Plains – PPGB.  PPGB has (2) health centers in Kansas and offers Hormone Replacement Therapy at the Wichita Health Center and by Telehealth.  The (2) Kansas Health are Comprehensive Health Center in Overland Park and Witchita Health Center in Witchita.

Louisiana  has (2) Planned Parenthood Health Centers which are part of Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast – PPGC .  PPGC offers gender affirming hormone replacement therapy at of their sites through their Trans Care program. The two Planned Parenthood Health Centers in Louisiana both offer HRT and they are located in  Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  Both sites offer telehealth, so if you are not located near one of the Louisiana Health Center sites you can still get HRT remotely via telehealth.

Maine has (4) Health Centers that are part of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England – PPNNE.  All of these  locations in Maine offer hormone replacement therapy at the Health Centers and via Telehealth.  The Health Centers are located in Biddeford , Portland , Sanford and Topsham.  If you aren’t near one of these locations, contact Planned Parenthood of Northern New England for a telehealth appointment.

Maryland has (9) Planned Parenthood Health Centers that are part of two Planned Parenthood organizations.  Planned Parenthood of Maryland, Inc PPM organization has (7) locations in Maryland and a Gender Affirming Care program and in addition to providing hormone replacement therapy to 18+ patients, PPM offers HRT to patients 16 & 17 with parents permission.  Easton Health Center is the Health Center that offers HRT on site, but HRT is offered through out Maine via Telehealth.  The Planned Parenthood of Maryland, Inc Health Centers are located in Annapolis, Baltimore, Easton, Frederick, Owing Mills, Towson, and WaldorfPlanned Parenthood of Metropoliton Washington, D.C. – PPMWDC has (2) locations in Maryland  PPMWDC offers hormone replacement therapy at their Health Centers and by  Telehealth through their Gender Affirming Care program,  The PPMWDC Health Centers in Maryland are located in  Gaithersburg and Suitland


About the author, Gayle M. Frankenbach, Ph.D. is the mother of a Daughter, Lise and a transgender son Elliott.  Elliott and Gayle both passionately desire to care about and care for the trans community.  Elliott and Gayle also both love the unbound creativity of the cosplay community.  When we realized there is a big overlap between the two communities B.UR.SLF, LLC was born at the interface of these two great communities to serve them individually and together.  Elliott and Gayle also enjoy running a trans son & parent business to be visible for parents on a journey to visibly support their own trans kids and be a great allies.