New Year, New Gear Here At B.UR.SLF


New Year, New Gear Here At B.UR.SLF

After the whirlwind ride that was 2021,  many people are looking to the New Year for a fresh start and new perspective on the year ahead. Here at B.UR.SLF, we are always looking for ways to improve and to be the best version of ourselves possible.

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This is why 2022 will include plenty of exciting new items, starting with our visibility promoting products. We believe promoting visibility helps create positive change in our world. We’re launching a new Pro-Noun line of products that will include gender-affirmation stickers and patches. We’re kicking off 2022 with these products so keep a lookout for these items in January and get a fresh start with some fashionable pronoun stickers & patches.

5 Years of B.UR.SLF!

January isn’t just the launch of our new Pro-Noun line—it is also our anniversary! That’s right, January marks five years of B.UR.SLF and we’re having a big sale to celebrate. Be ready for some of our best markdowns ever mid-month—we know you will be happy you did!

The B.UR.SLF Moths Binder

We will also be launching a Trans America line of products this year. They will start with state shaped stickers in LGBTQ community colors. Keep an eye out for our pop-up shops around the country this year—this is when you will start seeing our state stickers popping up with us! 

And later on in 2022, we plan to get customers like you involved in our process once again. We love hearing your voices, loud and proud, so we will be running another poll for our next print front binder. Our team is super excited  to see what print you will choose! 

B.UR.SLF Signature Products

Of course, 2022 wouldn’t be complete without our signature products that helped us get here. Our B.UR.SLF Breathable Chest Binder continues to be one of our most popular offerings. As a size inclusive brand, we offer these chest binders in sizes 2XS to 3XL and in two different skin tones, tan and dark brown. We also  offer two unique gothic patterns as well: SKULLS! and MOTHS! with, of course, plans to expand to the new 2022 pattern.

The B.UR.SLF Skulls Binder

If you haven’t tried our breathable chest binder yet, there is no better time than this new year to give this product a try. Our innovative (yet oh-so stylish) breathable binder will let out all your heat and sweat. This means whether you are doing a hard day’s work, chilling on a hot day or wearing it under a million layers of cosplay, you are staying cool & comfy.

B.UR.SLF famALLY Shirt
As for our growing line of t-shirts, in addition to new products, don’t forget about some of our favorite signature products. Our famALLY T-Shirt is a perfect gift to born and chosen family members. It’s the stylish way to recognize how those special people in your life have always supported you.

The Journey of Authenticity

Are you an ally yourself? This tee is a great way to make sure you are visible as an ally to support your LBGTQ friends and family.  Our goal for 2022, is to increase visibility to bring hope to the new year. 

The journey of authenticity is rewarding and euphoric, and we want to help pave your way!   As we see the transgender and LGBTQ community become more visible in politics, entertainment and life we want to make sure we are right there with our community. We will continue to support visibility with our products and encourage family and allies to be brave in supporting their friends, family and chosen family in the community.

We know we have our sights set on making 2022 the best and most inclusive year yet and can’t wait to have customers like you join us! 

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