Podcasts and Vegetarian Curry Edition and… How About a 100% Free Streamin Service Focuse on LGBTQA+ Content?

Podcasts and Vegetarian Curry Edition and... How About a 100% Free Streamin Service Focuse on LGBTQA+ Content?

Podcasts and Vegetarian Curry Edition and… How About a 100% Free Streamin Service Focuse on LGBTQA+ Content?

Heeeey Everyone,

Time for a Fall Self Care edition of #WellnessWednesday with an easy recipe &  podcast recommendations.  And boy do we have some amazing content and content news for you.  But first how about a nice warming recipe for Fall.  Like lots of other folks we’re making a few more vegetarian eating choices to complement our fish and animal based menu choices.  This is a super simple recipe that involves using a very nice store bought tikka masala sauce made by Patak and yummy ground vegetarin protein alternative from Pure Farmland.  We chose the tikka masala sauce by Patak because of its rich flavor, creaminess, low sugar, low sodium and good level of spiciness – just below about medium spicy.  We used Pure Farmland because it was on sale, but it does taste good and use whatever ground vegetarian protein alternative you would prefer.  You can also use precooked vegetarian protein alternative

First saute the ground meat alternative, if it isn’t already precooked.  Pure Farmland contains fat, so you probably don’t need extra oil.  However, when we do use extra oil, we like to use grapeseed oil or coconut oil for sauteeing and frying because these oils which have mainly mid-chain fatty acids that are easier to digest and metabolize.  It took about 20 minutes at medium heat to reduce to liquid content of the Pure Farmland ground substitute and get it to have a crusty appearance.  It never really gets brown like meat does.  Once the protein is cooked, we drain it put it back in the fry pan and then add the sauce and let it simmer for another 20 minutes.  During this time, if you like peas in your curry, you can add those now.  You could also steam some broccoli.  Rice goes good with the vegetable curry so if you’d like some rice, start making the rice before you start frying the vegetarian protein alternative.  Naan bread also goes well with this meal and there are a lot of really good choices for pre-made naan available.  Trader Joes has frozen plain and garlic naan and Stonefire also has a fresh naan offering in lots of grocery store bakery sections.  So if you prefer naan to rice or need some extra carbs, by all means pick up some naan.

Once you have your meal plated there is some great content from Casper Oliver, a queer trans, nonbinary actor and podcaster.  Casper has two great podcasts running right now.  “The Queer Thesperience” is a bi-weekly podcast featuring interviews of guests from the entertainment world who are in the LGBTQ+ community.  The Oct 9 espisode is a very interesting interview with the Happi TV Crew.  The Happi TV Crew has developed a streaming service for LGBTQ+ content that launched on October 15.

The Happi TV Crew, Daniel Bort, Daniel Berilla and Rafael Gavioli, developed the Happi TV app as a 100% free streaming service that offers all LGBTQA+ content.  Much of the content is created by and of course features members of the LGBTQA+ community.  What an amazing idea!  They are on social media @gethpitv and you can sign up for the service at www.gethappi.tv/.

Casper Oliver also has an original serial fiction audio drama called “Jar of Rebuke”, a midwestern gothic-horror-comedy.  “Jar of Rebuke” unfolds as told by scientist Dr. Jared Hel reading his audio journal.  Dr. Hel is far from the typical scientist since his studies focus on supernatural entities and anomalies from the secret laboratory he works at in the fictional small midwestern farm town of Wichton.  Many of the supernatural denizens in town are based on real legends and lore from the midwestern U.S.  The main character, Jared Hels, has many secrets, primarily from himself, as he can’t remember his recent past or why and how he always ressurects from death after being killed.  Not dying permanently seems to be a useful attribute for a scientist studying dangerous supernatural creatures, but the dying part still causes a great deal of pain and agnst.  The town of Wichton is populated by well-drawn and interesting characters and the community richly intersects the LGBTQ community.  Casper Oliver wrote the series and he voices Dr. Hel.  The podcast is run and voiced by a queer-heavy cast and crew.  Several episodes of “Jar of Rebuke” are already available and new episodes load on the 7th and 21st of each month.

Find Casper Oliver’s podcasts “The Queer Thesperience” and “Jar of Rebuke” are both available for free on Stitcher as well as on other podcasting platforms.   Follow Casper Olivern on instagram @casperolivervo, @thesperiencepodnetwork and @jarofrebukepodcast.