Guest Spotlight: BwilddCosplay

Guest Spotlight: BwilddCosplay

Guest Spotlight: BwilddCosplay

Hi Everyone,

This week we have an awesome original creative work from BwilddCosplay.  Have fun reading BwilddCosplay’s process of creating the OC fusion Dr. Beautiful Strange based on Prince and Dr. Strange.

When I was first contacted by B.UR.SLF, I didn’t kn what character to write about,then it occurred to me. Write about the cosplay everyone expects to see you in, when I attend a convention and for BwilddCosplay that character is Dr. Beautiful Strange. You see Dr .Beautiful Strange is a fusion or more so addresses, What if Prince was a Superhero? Who would he be? What would that look like? For me, the character Prince most reminded me of as in otherworldlyness, and assuredness, at times brazenly cocky is none other than Stephen Vincent Strange also known as Dr. Strange – The Sorcerer Supreme. Firstly, I’ve been Cosplaying Dr. Strange since 2010 long before his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’ve been a fan of his stories since I was a child.  Written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Steve Ditko, then later by Gene Colan. Dr. Strange was always so level-headed cool with the weight of the world upon him. As for Prince well, this would be a long story itself. In short, I started out as a fan in 1977. I had the pleasure of working with him in a security role for some years dating back to 1994 again that’s another story. Tragically in 2016 Prince passed. I got quite lost in my grief, I started Cosplaying him, yes, I kn, I look nothing like him. But if u ever been around me when I’m cosplaying Prince it’s kinda otherworldly as it’s been said, I can channel his nuances quite well. During this time, I started thinking of what or who would Prince look like as a Superhero then out of nowhere an internet art piece comes across my feed that starts my process of building this idea . Secondly Dr. Strange and Prince talk alot about 3rd Eye awareness. Prince wrote a song called 3rdeye on the album The Truth released in 1998 , Dr. Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto. Both allude to tapping into the all knowing all seeing. Prince himself was extremely otherworldly, An always heighten sense of awareness, an innate ability to appear and disappear  instantly. As for the name Dr. Beautiful Strange well, Beautiful Strange is the title of a Prince  song written sometime in 1999. I could go deeper but, I believe u get the point. To me it just made complete Cosmic Sense, and moreover, it’s my way I keep his memory alive with me.


The drawing to the left is a collaboration between BwilddCosplay and artist Terry Huddleston.


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