Guest Spotlight: Padfoot Cos

Guest Spotlight: Padfoot Cos

Hi Everyone,

This week we have the complete pleasure of sharing with you the stunning work of Padfoot Cos from Brazil.  Enjoy this wonderful guest blog by Padfoot Cos!

Hello! My name is Sirius and I’m a Brazilian Cosplayer. I’ve been cosplaying for 5 years now and I’m mostly known for my Shota Aizawa cosplay, from My Hero Academia, thanks to Tiktok.

I first stated cosplay out of pure curiosity, since I was very into the anime community and always saw those groups of people dressing up as their favorite characters, having fun and making friends.

I was a minor at the time so I didn’t had money of my own to start, but gladly I had support from my parents, that didn’t fully understand what was going on but were into it anyway.

My first cosplay ended up being Mikasa Ackerman, from Attack on Titan. I still remember how amazing I felt.

Of course now I look back and I see things that I could have improved if I had the experience that I have today but, for me, that’s one of the most exiting parts about Cosplay: You’ll always have room to grow, to improve your skills, to learn new things, to be better than you were a year ago.

And speaking of improvement, I would like to talk about my Eijirou Kirishima cosplay, also from My Hero Academia, that I made in 2017 and that I’m still improving to this day.

Kirishima is a very special character to me ever since Kōhei Horikoshi, autor of the manga/anime, released his backstory. I was really exited to cosplay him along with some friends but I had no idea where to start. I searched for reference images of the character and other cosplayers, YouTube tutorials, where to find the materials that I needed until I was satisfied and ready to go.

For the Gears on the shoulders, Mask, Wristbands and “R” details on the belt, which I made the pattern myself, I used 5mm Foam. Red, black and metallic Acrylic Paint, with some tricks of shading for a rusty/battle damage effect. And to give a shiny effect and also protect the paint I used Varnish. The sewing part I asked a friend for help and we used black Fake Leather for the Crop Top, Pants and Belt detail. Red Suede for the whole belt and “cape” on the waist. I also used a real Chain with straps of the red fabric crossed on my chest for more detail. Red spiky wig from AliExpress and high black Boots that I already owned.

This cosplay was a challenge specially because I never used Foam before that, so it took almost two months to be ready and a lot of patience. The makeup wasn’t as hard since it only requires the basics but I still searched for as many references as possible.

At the end I had so much fun in this cosplay, it’s incredibly comfortable and not hard to move around. It’s always amazing to build something from scratch and feel proud of your work, specially for a Cosplayer.

You can find & follow Sirius on these platforms:

IG: siriuslyt

Twitter: padfoot_cos

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