Health Care Resources in Louisiana and Maine

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Health Care Resources in Louisiana and Maine

Hi Everyone,

You know that we want you to be healthy and safe.  To help you with your health care journey we are creating a list, by state of health care organizations that serve the transgender, nonbinary, gender queer and non-comforming community.  While we are creating this site for you, we are also doing this weekly post on health care.  While it’s nice to have a list, in these posts we can also give  you a few details on what each of the organizations we post actually do.  We’ll just go through the states alphabetically, unless you send us a note and request a particular state and we’ll move requests to the top of the list.

This week we are covering Louisiana and Maine for Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming Care.

Many resources are, to their credit,  creating  comfortable places for routine and proactive health maintenaince as well as interventionary health care.  We will try to highlight what is offered in each case.

If you still can’t find the health care you need, drop us a note on FB (B.UR.SLF LLC), instagram/ twitter @burslfllc or email burslfllc@gmail.com and we will see what we can do to help.

This week we are listing resources for Louisiana and Maine.


CrescentCare (WebsiteTransgender Health Services, FBCrescentCare, IG – @CrescentCare)

The focus of Transgender Health Services is increasing acces to care and hormone therapy.  Adult and pediatric care are available at CrescentCare and it is assumes this extends to the transgender individual.  There are many routine and preventitive care services available at CrescentCare to care for the entire community alone with focus programs for the transgender and LGBTQ communities including HIV and STD screening, prevention and treatment, specialized HIV, Hepatis B and Heptitis C care, gynecological screenings and care.

Sliding discounted fees for people who whose household income is at or below 200% of the federal government’s Poverty Guidelines (updated annually).

Transgender Health Services at CrescentCare is located in New Orleans

Adult and pedicatric patients are accepted at CrescentCare, but check to determine if all services are available to children and youth. 

NOLA Craniofacial  (WebsiteGender Confirmation Surgery, FBNOLA Craniofacial, IG – @NOLACraniofacial)

NOLA Craniofacial offers a wide variety of gender confirmation surgery including facial feminization or masculization, breast augmentation or chest masculization, phalloplasty and vaginoplasty,

No obvious payment options.

NOLA Craniofacial is located in New Orleans.

No lower age limits state for gender confirmation surgery, but it appears intended for adults, check with NOLA Craniofacial.  Also some screening required for +35 candidates. 

NOLA Transgender Institute (Website – NOLA Transgender Community Site, FB – none IG – none)

NOLA Transgender Community at the Transgender Institute is a community site/ collaborative for transgender surgical and medical resources.  This multi-disciplinary collaborative offers hormone therapy, gender confirmation surgery, primary care, urology and gynecological services.  CrescentCare and NOLA Craniofacial both partner in the collaborative as well as many other specialists.

Payment options are not obvious and may vary depending on collaborative memeber.

The collaborative is located in New Orleans

It appears that services are avaible to children, adolescents and adults, but may vary by collaborative member, so checks with the collaborative members on the website.  



Barbara Bush’s Children’s Hospital (WebsiteThe Gender Clinic, FBThe Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital , IG – @BarbaraBushChildrensHospital)

The Gender Clinic offers gender affirming hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and menstrual suppression, referrals to other service providers.

Payment options include free care and interest free payment plans, for information speak to the patient finanacial services representative

The Gender Clinic at Barbara Bush’s Hospital for Children is located in Bangor

The Gender Clinic is for Children and Adolescents.    

New England Gender C.A.R.E. (WebsiteGender Care Consortium, FB – None , IG – None)

New England Gender C.A.R.E. is a consortium of health care providers with a common mission to To improve and support the health and well-being of gender diverse individuals across New England and beyond.

The health care providers in the consortium cover a wide selection of services for pediatric to adolescent to adult patients including hormone therapy, puberty blockers, gender affirming transition surgery, reproductive health including reproductive prevention, assisted reproduction, fertility preservation, HIV/STD prevention, testing and treatment, primary care, physical therapy, voice therapy, hair removal and many other services.

This appears to be a top-notch group of health care providers dedicated to improving the health and life of gender diverse individuals.

Payment options are not obvious and probably vary by provider.

Providers are located all over New England and appear to be spreading to beyond New England, some sevices were located in Virginia.

The New England Gender C.A.R.E Consortium members provide pediatric, adolescent and adult services, but the age of the individuals served varies by member, so check with individual consortium members on the website.     

Maine Family Planning (WebsiteLGBTQ Health Care, FBMaine Family Planning , IG – None)

Maine Family Planning include hormone therapy for 18+, reproductive health including birth control, HIV/STD prevention, screening and treatment, routine breast & gynecological screening, primary care (free yearly exam), physical therapy, voice therapy, hair removal and many other services.

Payment options for transgender patients include a sliding scale based on household income.

Maine Family Planning has 18 locations around Maine (Maine Family Planning Locations)

Hormone treatments are limited to 18+, check the clinic for other services.  

Northern Light Health, Eastern Maine Medical Center (WebsiteGender Clinic, FBNorthern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center , IG – @NorthernLightEasternMaineMedicalCenter)

The Gender Clinic services are not very obvious although it seems to offer hormone therapy after several clinical evaluations.

Norther Light Health offers financial assistance, check the website for information and documents, they also have a patient financial services dept.

The Eastern Maine Medical Center is located in Bangor, but serves central, eastern, and northern Maine through a variety of locations although different locations appear to have different specialties, recommend starting to seek information from the primary campus.

The Gender Clinic states that it serves children, adolescents, and adults.    

Mabel Wadsworth Center (WebsiteGender Affirming Hormone Therapy, FBMabel Wadsworth , IG – @MabelWadsworth)

The Mabel Wadsworth Center offers hormone therapy, and referrals to other services and community resources.  There are a variety of other LGBTQ+ Health Services (Mabel Wadsworth LGBTQ HealthCare) including annual wellness exams and cancer screenings, reproductive health, HIV screening and STD screening and testing.

Payment reduced fees for eligible uninsured clients (Payment Options)

Mabel Wadsworth is located in Bangor

No age limits stated, but appears to be for 18+.  

Baystate Health (WebsiteTransgender Services, FBBaystate Health , IG – @BaystateHealth)

Baystate Health Transgender Services include hormone therapy, STI screening, primary care including referrals and prep for gender confirming surgery, routine Gyn care

If you are a patient at one of the Baystate hospitals, you may be eligible for free or reduced cost health care. Eligibility varies from program to program, but is generally based on federal poverty guidelines

Health Centers are located in Springfield and North Hampton.

Age limits for transgender services are not clear, check with Baystate Health.