Maker’s Monday: Something to Manifest Fall

Maker's Monday: Something to Manifest Fall

Maker’s Monday: Something to Manifest Fall

Hi everyone!  Elliott here, and welcome back to another maker’s monday!  


We’re at a bit of a standstill with production on my DnD stuff right now, so this week I’m just going to be doing a short little blurb about a craft I did last week!  


You know how sometimes you wake up and you just wanna make something simple to pass the time?  This past week I was possessed with the need to go look through the halloween section of the fabric store and find something that I believed would make for a cute shawl.  So with a loose idea in mind, I ventured out with my mom to find something that would satisfy my need to do a bit of random creative work.  I’m not really working off a pattern, rather just with a general shape of what I want, so as long as the outside was wider than the lining, that was all I really cared for.  


What I ended up going with was black broadcloth, and some bat printed cotton.  The process of actually putting it together really only needed to be cut a couple of times before being assembled.  I ended up going for an oversized look so that I would have extra fabric to burrow into once it gets colder out, and I’m really happy with how it came out! 


We also picked up some additional fabrics and spoke with a manufacturer, so maybe we should all be on the look out for something new hitting the website soon ?