Maker’s Monday: Spooky Jewelry

Maker's Monday: Spooky Jewelry

Maker’s Monday: Spooky Jewelry

Good morning everyone and welcome back to Maker’s Monday!  This week I’ll be doing a quick and easy craft to get us in the spirit of Halloween season!  For this project you will need some earring hooks or clasps, beading pins, a form of strong adhesive, small O-rings, jewelry pliers, and some plastic Halloween creatures (though I would recommend using smaller ones than I did).  So let’s get started! 


Once you’ve got your materials gathered up, making earrings like this is a relatively easy process!  You’ll want to start by making small holes at the top (in this case I go right between the nose and the mouth).  The silicone is going to be tough to just push a beading pin through, so to make the hole I used a sewing needle that was roughly the same size!  I also made sure to give the beading needle a slight bend before sliding it in, so that if the adhesive comes undone at any point, the earring won’t fall off immediately.  


After you’ve got it a majority of the way in, get a bit of your preferred adhesive on the pin.  In this case I used contact cement, so I made sure to put some on the pin body, a bit on the snout of the rat, and a bit on the bottom of the ring at the top.  While it dried I took care of getting the O-rings that connect the hook to the body prepped as well.  Once it’s nice and tacky, press the rest of the pin in, give it another 15 to set, and attach it to the O-ring!  It might help to have another set of hands to hold the hook and body at this point, as things can slip off the O-ring very easily. 


And there you have it!  A fresh set of earrings just in time for spooky season.  Be sure to check back in next week for another Maker’s Monday!